AIP Foundation donates helmets to students who are on the road facing high traffic accidents

AIP Foundation donates helmets to students who are on the road facing high traffic accidents

23 March, 2019 – Siem Reap Province, Cambodia

In the morning of March 23, 2019, AIP Foundation held a ceremony to hand over helmets to 96 students at Phum O Primary School in Chi Kraeng commune, Siem Reap.

At the ceremony, students will also have the opportunity to talk to their parents and guardians about the importance of observing traffic laws and road safety rules whenever traveling. These efforts are important moments for road safety work in Cambodia, the upcoming Khmer New Year festival when road crashes often occur in high numbers.

Attendees of the event included: Representative of Siem Reap Bike Meet from Siem Reap, chairman and Members of Sang Viey Commune Councils, Police Officers, Commune Police, AIP Foundation, Students, School Managements, Teachers, and Guardians.

In addition to thanking the Siem Reap Bike Meet, who has sponsored today's helmet donation and safety education program, Mr. Kim Panga, Cambodia Country Director of AIP Foundation said to respond to road crashes, based on the viewpoint (source) of the water close to extinguishing the fire as quickly and efficiently as possible. He compared the road crashes involving motorcyclists (including children) who did not wear helmets to a fire that could or could kill people on the street, especially children who were worth the price of each family. These are all due to our negligence or neglect of the safety measures. Therefore, in order to safeguard the precious assets of the Cambodian society and family, he requested the school management team, parents, guardians, students, and local authorities to use nearby sources (traffic safety) to extinguish the disaster. Effectively and quickly, without expecting only the measures that will be implemented by the authorities or civil society / Private sector at national or provincial level. In this regard, he asked parents or guardians to be exemplary and reminded constantly to keep their children safe during every travel, especially when going to school and buying / Provide helmets for their children to wear every time they travel on motorbikes, whether near or far. School administrators and teachers must educate and disseminate information to the curriculum staff regularly and regularly, as well as the ability to mobilize the private sector in their commune and district to provide support for road safety activities, A helmet for students traveling on motorbikes and bicycles. In case of necessity, the school can discuss with commune authorities to request support from their local support team to examine the feasibility of mobilizing resources to support road safety activities, especially helmets for all students. Each to protect the essential resources in the family, the people and the community that this team receives The burden of supporting local development.

 “Aside from riding, road safety education, rider safety and building a responsible and supportive riding community has always been an integral part of The Dirty Cuts and we’re proud to be able to share this message and be a part of launching the ‘Helmets for Kids’ program.” said Tasmanian born Dean McLachlan, spokesperson for The Dirty Cuts and Co-Founder of Siem Reap Bike Meet. ‘This event has been made possible due to the generosity of the local riding community and our partnership with the AIP Foundation”. 

 "Donating helmets and education about road safety to students now is extremely important to protect students from serious head injuries, which can lead to death," said Mr. Say Seit, School Principle of Phum O Primary School. "We are committed to working with parents, students, and partners to promote helmet use as students need when they commute to school," he added.

Please note that Phum O Primary School is selected for the helmet donation due to this school is located along National Highway 6, one of the national highways with high road crashes. In the last school year, there were at least three cases involving road crashes for students in this primary school.



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