AIP Foundation gathers stakeholders to review new helmet awareness commercial, “From January 2016, police will fine 15,000 riels for not wearing a helmet.”

AIP Foundation gathers stakeholders to review new helmet awareness commercial, “From January 2016, police will fine 15,000 riels for not wearing a helmet.”

22 October, 2015 – Phnom Penh, Cambodia  
AIP Foundation held a second consultative stakeholder meeting to discuss revisions to the television commercial of the “Head Safe. Helmet On.”(HSHO) project. HSHO is a two-year project supported by the United States Agency for International Development, Development Innovation Ventures (USAID-DIV) and others, aimed to increase helmet use in Cambodia. The purpose of the meeting was to generate support and share feedback on the revised television and radio commercial message, “From January 2016, police will fine 15,000 riels for not wearing a helmet,” which will be broadcast during the project’s second year. 

The meeting gathered approximately 30 participants from relevant ministries and sub national level government.  Among the attendees were the Secretary General of the National Road Safety Committee and the senior representative from General Commissariat of National Police. At the event, behavior change campaign materials were revised based on the recent HSHO mid-term evaluation results to better spread awareness about the upcoming passenger helmet law enforcement scheduled to begin January 1st, 2016. 

AIP Foundation discussed the mid-term evaluation results which revealed that the most important channel for effectively promoting the behavior change campaign is through television followed by billboard advertisements, posters on tuk tuks and finally, radio commercials. Most respondents supported television commercials as the most effective campaign medium of all since television is broadly accessed compared to the other limited-reach methods.  

“We are excited by the positive results made through the helmet behavior change campaign for drivers, passengers, and children over 3 years old, as evidenced by the mid-term evaluation of projects done by AIP Foundation and other stakeholders, where evaluation was based on community feedback from target provinces,” said H.E Men Manvy, Secretary General of the National Road Safety Committee. “Considering feedback from the community is important in order to better tailor the message for maximum effectiveness, so that motorcycle passengers -  including children - pay attention and wear their helmets universally, whether traveling a near or far distance, day or night. That is in line with the traffic law and protects our loved ones' lives as well as our family’s and nation’s property.”

“The television commercial reached 94% of the total Cambodian population and 88% of respondents said that they remembered the campaign message. The evaluation also found that the original concept for the behavior change campaign material was effective,” said Mr. Kim Pagna, Country Director, Cambodia, AIP Foundation.

“Ensuring drivers and passengers are informed of the passenger helmet law is important for effective enforcement. I am glad to see that the campaign will continue to promote safe behavior in order to protect lives,” said H.E Lt. General Him Yan, Deputy Commissioner General of National Police.


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