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Journalists play a key role in promoting road safety; they can advocate for political will to tackle the issue and for specific measures towards better laws, safer roads, and more responsible behavior. AIP Foundation also recognizes that the media has the power to reach the entire population and to influence social change. Achieving the task, we call upon you journalists and media agencies to act immediately as follows:  

  • Promote road safety and spread information about helmet use through all types of media, particularly programs that appeal to youth.
  • Air programs and advertisements that promote proper road safety messages (e.g. consistent helmet use).
  • Promote road safety by featuring stories of young road traffic survivors and their facilities and by highlighting best practices in road safety.
  • Ensure that private companies refrain from showing advertisements or TV shows that glamorize speeding and drunk-driving during times when youth might be watching.

For media
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Importance Of Properly Helmet Using