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Parents are a child’s strongest role model and greatest influence. Your child will adopt many of your values and behaviors as they grow up, just as you have been influenced by your parents. Children notice and respond to the daily routines of their parents and learn these repeated actions to be normal. Children see your example—positive or negative—as a pattern for the way life is meant to be lived. This is why it is important to lead by example and always practice safe road behavior. In Cambodia, children ride on motorcycles as passengers from a very early age – before they can speak or ask questions. All this time, they are learning what they perceive to be normal behavior, so it’s essential that you behave safely and responsibly on the road.

Tips to promote road safety and increase helmet wearing:

  • Must firmly respect the traffic law and have good tolerance in the driving
  • Always wear a helmet yourself so your child learns the importance of helmet use from an early age.
  • Purchase a high quality helmet for you and your child, such as a Protec helmet.
  • Keep your child’s helmet next to the motorcycle, so you don’t forget to put it on them.
  • Give your child praise when he or she remembers to wear their helmet without reminding.
  • Explain to your child how a helmet can save their life.
  • Tell your child that wearing a helmet is an act of love and care.
  • Talk to other parents about the importance of protecting children with helmets.
For parents
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Importance Of Properly Helmet Using