For policy makers

We appreciate the commitment and achievements of the government and legislative bodies to promote road safety and helmet use among road users in Cambodia. There is more to do. We urge the government to highly prioritize road safety on the political agenda. We call upon the highest executive and legislative branches to act immediately as follows:

  • Approve the National Road Safety Policy and ten-year Action Plan, of which a key target is to increase helmet use to 100 percent among all motorcyclists.
  • Support strict enforcement of the revised law that mandates motorcycle passengers, including children, to wear helmets.
  • Strengthen the training and driving license application; and introduce demerit point system.
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the emergency medical services and ensure neutral treatments to all casualties.
  • Promote road safety and traffic law public awareness campaigns and education in schools, universities and communities, especially along national roads and at high risk areas.
  • Promote and integrate Road Safety Policy and Action Plans into local development plans with adequate resources for the implementation.
  • Provide financial support, relevant tools/equipment and trainings to the traffic police
  • Strengthening the enforcement of existing traffic law and widely disseminate and strictly enforce the new traffic law once it comes into effect.

For policy makers
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Importance Of Properly Helmet Using