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Many children and youth in Cambodia commute to school by motorcycle, so the classroom is the ideal place to provide instruction and encouragement for helmet use.  Children and youth’s knowledge of safe road behavior will be reinforced if teachers use the same messages as parents. If your school does not already promote road safety and helmet wearing, there are a number of ways to increase safety and helmet use rates among children and youth.

  • Engage local police
    Speak to local police about the school’s objective to promote road safety and increase helmet wearing rates for children and youth and request their assistance with traffic law enforcement. Police monitoring at school gates is proven to effectively increase helmet use.

  • Track helmet wearing daily
    Incorporate helmet use into the student behavior report by recording whether the child wore a helmet to school each day. Good helmet wearing behavior could be awarded at the end of the year which would encourage students to wear their helmet every day.

  • Collaborate with parents 
    The school principal or teacher can talk about the importance of wearing a helmet at the bi-annual parent meetings. Teachers should explain to parents that the school urges them to protect their child by putting a helmet on their head every day when travelling to school. If there is family in the school community who has lost a child in a road crash, invite these parents to talk about the impact it has had on their family.


  • Make helmets part of the schools rules & regulations 
    Amend the school policies or regulations to make helmets a part of the essential uniform for all students. When advising parents where to purchase school clothing, include information on where to buy high quality helmets for children.
  • Talk to the community 
    Ask to give a presentation at your local community meetings to broaden the message to as many parents as possible. Messages about road safety and helmet use could also be broadcast on community announcements.
For schools
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