Drunk driving

Drunk driving

Alcohol is a factor in many road traffic crashes in Cambodia. 15 of deaths can be linked to driving while intoxicated in 2013, and thousands more were seriously injured. These deaths and injuries are easily preventable.

Alcohol influences people to take risks such as driving recklessly, not wearing a helmet or driving at excessive speeds. Drink drivers put all other road users, including pedestrians and cyclists, at a high risk of being involved in a crash. Alcohol negatively impacts on a person's ability to drive a vehicle properly or safely, to respond to incidents and react to dangers on the road. It can make a person drive wildly, veer over the road and even fall asleep at the wheel or on the motorbike. 

Most alcohol-related crashes occurred on Saturday or Sundays in Cambodia, with nearly 40% of occurring between 6pm and 9pm. Young drivers (20-34 years old) were the most common age group for being at-fault and the main national roads were the highest risk roads for alcohol-related fatality crashes.

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