Helmet Use

Helmet Use

Motorcycles are the most common form of transport in Cambodia and their use is increasing. The rapid growth in the use of motorcycles is accompanied by an increase in the number of head injuries and fatalities that will continue to increase if non-helmet use trends to continue.  


Motorcycle crash victims make up the highest proportion of those killed or injured in Cambodia, with 69 percent of road crash fatalities in 2013 being motorcyclists, with 62 percent of them suffering head injuries. Helmets are proven to reduce the likelihood of severe injury from road traffic crash by 69 percent and fatality by 42 percent, according to the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 


Lack of awareness, affordability and cultural norms contribute to low helmet rates. But these issues are placing drivers and passengers at a very high risk of being killed or injured when they are on a motorbike.

Helmets save lives. Drivers and passengers including children must wear a helmet to protect themselves from serious injury, disability or death.

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