How to recognize a good helmet?

How to recognize a good helmet?

There are many different helmets available in Cambodia, and they are not all of equal standard. Quality varies greatly and it is important to select a high-quality helmet that will give your and your child’s head adequate protection in case of a crash.

A high-quality helmet has undergone rigorous testing. It will feature high quality materials, including expanded polystyrene (EPS) lining, hard shell and secure chin straps. The helmet brand should also have a size that fits correctly to protect you and your child properly. 

To help you identify the standard of the helmet, you should check the EPS lining, which is the hard white foam underneath the plastic outer shell. In a high-quality helmet, the EPS lining should be solid and shouldn’t dent if you press your fingernail on it. Grains of the EPS lining should be small, smooth, and consistent. The exterior shell should withstand pressure and not buckle easily.  You should also look for a sticker identifying the helmet as meeting international safety standards.

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Importance Of Properly Helmet Using