No excuses

There is no excuse good enough for not wearing a helmet. Road crashes can occur at any time and can result in serious injury, permanent disability, loss of income and loss of life. 
Some common excuses given by drivers and passengers are listed below;

It’s only a short trip – there’s no need for a helmet
Road crashes can happen anywhere at any time. You may only be on the road for a few minutes, even on a familiar street, and something unexpected can happen.

I am a safe driver, so I won’t be in a road crash
Even the safest driver can make a mistake one day. One small mistake could put you, your passenger or even your child’s life in danger if they are not wearing a helmet. And no matter how safely you drive, another driver could hit you at any time.

I just forget to put the helmet on
Think of a helmet as an essential piece of clothing. You always wear your shoes when riding a motorcycle, so you should always wear a helmet too. For your child, think of it as part of their school uniform – you always make sure your child is wearing that to school, so make sure their helmet is worn too. Leave your helmet and your child’s helmet somewhere in the house that you won’t forget it – next to the door or your motorcycle is a good spot.

Helmets are not good for a child because they impact spinal development
There is no published data to support this claim. Child helmets that Cambodia standards are extremely lightweight and provide essential protection to a child’s brain in case of injury. Injuries are caused by the physical trauma of a road traffic accident and are not caused by helmet use.

It’s too hot to wear a helmet
Many good quality helmets are specifically designed for Cambodia climate and allow airflow around the head. Feeling a little hot while wearing a helmet is a small price to pay to save you or your child from the lifetime trauma of serious brain injury.

My child refuses to wear a helmet
Think about your own behavior and consider adjusting the way you talk about helmets. If you always wear a helmet and talk about helmets in a positive way, your child’s attitudes about helmets may improve. Remember to explain to your child that a helmet will keep him or her alive if they are knocked from the motorcycle in case of a crash.

There is no need to wear a helmet because my child always holds on tight
You may have been bumped by another driver in the past, and your child stayed on the motorcycle because the impact was so minor. But, in the case of a serious crash, the heavy impact will force your child to lose grip and there will be nothing to prevent him or her falling to the ground.

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