Steps to wearing a helmet correctly and its maintenance

Steps to wearing a helmet correctly and its maintenance

Wearing a helmet correctly will decrease the severity of injuries in the event of a crash. You should always check your helmet for cracks, dents or holes before using it as these defects will reduce the protection level the helmet can provide.

The three main steps for wearing a helmet correctly are;

  • Choose a helmet that fits correctly. The helmet should fit snug, with little movement.
  • Place the helmet on the head, ensuring adequate protection at the front. A good way to measure this is to place the helmet two finger widths from the eyebrow to the helmet.
  • Clip the chin straps together, making sure that they are fitting snug to the chin and the helmet will not move.

If you choose a helmet with a visor, the visor should be clean and clear from any dirt or scratches. The visor is designed to allow maximum sight at both sides and should be well ventilated to reduce fogging.

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Importance Of Properly Helmet Using