Pedestrians are one of the most vulnerable and high risk road users. The World Health Organization reports that 22% of all road traffic fatalities are pedestrians. In Cambodia, pedestrians are the second most vulnerable group after motorcyclists, representing 13% of all road crash fatalities in 2013. 

Pedestrians are a diverse group and include children, older people, young adults, parents, joggers, the disabled and people using skateboards and rollerblades. They are the most vulnerable in the road environment because of the difference in speed between a vehicle and a person. Vehicles move much faster than pedestrians, and pedestrians have little or no protection in the event of a crash. 

Everyone is a pedestrian at some point, so the safety issues for pedestrians are experienced by all. It can be challenging for other road users to see and respond to pedestrians properly, but the crash risk can be reduced through road awareness, pedestrian and driver alertness and through environment modifications.

Pedestrians are faced with challenges with the road environment that cause them to be in a vulnerable position. The lack of sidewalks, traffic signs, traffic lights and other safety measures that protect them are a serious issue. But some pedestrians also do not crossing in safe areas, cross the road when they are distracted by mobile phones or are not observant when on or near a road, pedestrians also increase their risk of being hit by other road users. Children in particular are incredibly vulnerable to at risk and parents need to make sure they watch them closely whenever they or on or around a road environment.

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