Ways to stay safe on the roads as a pedestrian

Ways to stay safe on the roads as a pedestrian

When walking on and around a road, pedestrians need to be careful and alert. Motorists are often distracted by watching other vehicles and may not see a person crossing a road until it is too late. Even at low speeds a motorcycle, car or truck can cause serious injury and death.
Pedestrians can reduce their risk of being involved in a traffic crash by wearing high visible clothing, crossing roads in clear areas away from cars, trees or other things that obscure drivers view of them, by picking a safe route to their destination and being alert and aware.

Some other tips to help all pedestrians staying safe are listed below:

Use sidewalk or walk closely on the side of the road and walk facing traffic.

  • Always use the designated pedestrian crossing if there is one.
  • Never assume that vehicles can see you or will stop for you. Wait until there is a safe gap between traffic or vehicles have stopped before crossing the roadway.
  • Always check for turning vehicles before walking across the road. Check left and right.
  • Walk quickly, but don’t run, across the road without hesitating in the middle of the road.
  • Watch where you are walking at all times. Cars and motorbikes can approach faster than expected and can cause serious injury and death even at low speeds.

Other road users need to be alert around high pedestrian traffic areas such as schools, markets, hospitals or universities.  Drivers should reduce their speed and move away from the curb to allow pedestrians to step out safely. Motorists should also be particularly careful around intersections with traffic lights or pedestrian crossings and not turn in front of a person crossing the road.

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