Dangers of speeding

Dangers of speeding

Speeding is not just about staying under the legal limit for a road or city area. Speeding relates to all times when inappropriate speed of motorcycle or other vehicle places road users at risk. In a road crash, the faster a vehicle is travelling at the time of impact, the more severe the injuries to the drivers and passengers or pedestrians involved.

Motorcycle riders are especially vulnerable and exposed when speeding and at risk of more serious injury than car drivers. Motorcyclists especially should ride at a speed that allows reactions to unexpected hazards like pedestrians, road crashes, animals on the road or changes in road conditions.

Speeding increases the risk of crashing for a number of reasons:

  • Less time to notice and react to hazards
  • Stopping distance is longer the greater the speed
  • Risk of losing control of vehicle is higher
  • Other road users including pedestrians may misjudge your speed and turn in your path or walk out in front of you.
  • Speeding also increases dangerous driving behaviors such as weaving through traffic or not stopping at red lights.

Speeding is preventable. Drivers should always be aware of their speed when on the road and make adjustments in high effort areas or bad weather. Drivers should be alert and aware of what is going around you and ensure that there are safe distances between other vehicles.

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